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Steve Soper


I started Latitude Records nearly a decade ago as a vehicle to release my own music. Although most "releases" have consisted of home-burned demos, my passion for creating music has remained unchanged. However lacking in aesthetic web design, this page is simply meant to make some of my music freely available to whoseover may want to listen.


Get Me Down

Although some songs have been partially inspired by my wife, most notably Loopty Loo, this song is NOT any reflection on her. The second break has an interesting sample I found from an audio recording of "Arthur the Rat", a short tale devised to obtain phonetic representation from throughout the country of all phonemes in American English.

Frontier Bliss

Frontier Bliss it the name of my most recent project, a solo endeavor with key contributions from fellow artists.

MP3 Tracks for Download:
Forgive & Forget
The theme of this song offers advise for peace in the Middle East... and everywhere else. "Blow them all away" sample courtesy of douchebag Patty Buchanan.
Only Selfless Sacrifice
This track features more multi-track vocals which could be good or bad depending on your opinion of my vocal ability. Can you guess where the samples are from? Hint: initials are SJP. The theme of the song is about how everyone wants to find "true love" but many people don't want to put in the work required.
Loopty Loo
I did a bit of singing with some lyrics hevaily inspired by the wedding planning process I recently endured... er, enjoyed! A message of relaxation and deep breathing.
Friends from Foreign Lands
A song about traveling with traditional Thai vocals. It reminded me of my good friends Joe & Rachel living in Bangkok at the time..
Latest and greatest track is a bit more funky and jazzy than my previous work. Lots of acoustic overdubs with every instrument I own (sticks included). Samples from Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech provide the vocals.
16 Bars of House
This track features a mean harmonica track my Erik Stieler. It was inspired by the classic 16 bars of blues but with a house beat underneath. Written 2003.
New Light
Vocals and lyrics by Valerie Orth. Recording vocals in an apartment is tricky. Written 2003
Nothing to See
This track includes every instrument I can play; guitar, trumpet, vocals, bass, spoons, etc. Written 2003
Acoustic Swing
Still looking for lyrics or samples for this track. 2004

Shows: Ruby Skye - 2002, Louies Grill - 2003

DSP was a collaboration between myself and Chris Demetras. During a 6 year stint we made some cool tracks and played at some of the best venues in SF.
Around the Earth
Guitar written by Jason Hunt. Written 1999
Construction Time in a Bottle
Written 1998
Full-Length Album Cycling Infitity (1999)
These CDs are for sale ($5 + plus shipping & handling). Email me for details.
Shows: 111 Minna Gallery, Justice League, DNA Lounge, 330 Ritch, 26 Mix, Il Pirata
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